Since 1994, we have convened high-level stakeholders committed to redefining the global financial architecture and monetary system to respond to the changing economic landscape.

Bretton Woods @80

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Bretton Woods, RBWC will host a series of high-level conferences and seminars across the globe.

This programming will be designed to develop a normative and practical agenda for a Bretton Woods in a new world.

To this end, we will seek to clarify how the international financial architecture can adapt to current challenges, paying particular attention to, among other issues, the need to revive global cooperation in an age of market fragmentation and policy divergence. 

As part of this initiative, we are planning a major conference during the IMF /World Bank October 2024 annual meetings in Washington DC. 

Next Events

July 2024-Cusco

In cooperation with

the Central Bank of Peru


September 2024-Seoul

In cooperation with

the Central Bank of Korea


October 2024-Iceland

In cooperation with

the Central Bank of Iceland


October 2024-Washington DC



Vienna, Austria

March 4, 2024

The Vienna conference was the first event organized as part of RBWC’s Bretton Woods@ 80 program.

This event was hosted with the Central Bank of Austria on the occacion of its 75th year of IMF meembership.

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2024-23 Speakers

Annual IMF-World Bank Meetings

RBWC was proud to organize a high level conversation between Michelle Bowman, Governor, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System and Klaas Knot, Governor, De Nederlandsche Bank, Chair of the Financial Stability Board.

From the RBWC archives

In 2017, RBWC internviewed Michel Camdessus and Jacques de la Rosiere abou tthier thoughts on the Inernational Monetary Order

The Search for Resilience

Massimiliano Castelli, Managing Director of UBS Asset Management and Hyun Song Shin, Economic Advisor, BIS discuss the search for resilience in the future of the global economy and monetary system during RBWC event organized during the spring meetings.

Conversation with Jim Bullard

Also at RBWC event organized during the spring meetings, Former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis engages in a conversations Jonathan PingleChief US Economist for UBS discuss

Central Bank or Armenia

H.E. Vahagn Khachaturyan, President of the Republic of Armenia honored RBWC with his presence at the recent conference organized with the Central Bank of Armenia for its 30th Anniversary.

Dialogue of Continents

Nouriel Roubini presented his book entitled “Megathreats” during a fire-side chat hosted by RBWC with Jacob Frenkel as the moderator.

Oesterreichische Nationalbank Conference

Managing Director, Kristalina Georgieva provided insightful remarks at our Marc 2024 Oesterreichische Nationalbank Conference: Bretton Woods @ 80 and Austria’s IMF Membership @ 75


Marrakesh Economic Festival

RBWC was thrilled to organize with Moroccan think tank PCNS a dinner lecture with Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor of Economics, Columbia University. Among other topics, Professor Stiglitz discussed the imperative for governments and international institutions to foster a more inclusive and equitable global economy. 


Central Bank of North Macedonia

Stevo Pendarovski, President of the Republic of North Macedonia, honored guests by delivering a welcome speech at the research conference that RBWC herlped organize in Skopje this past October.

Past Events

Vienna, Austria

December 4-5, 2023

Marrakesh, Morocco

October 11-15, 2023

Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

October 31, 2023

Dilijan, Armenia

September 2-3, 2023

The Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (RBWC) is a US-based foundation that orchestrates an open and cross-national dialogue among high-level stakeholders committed to promoting a stable global financial architecture and to helping key institutions prepare for changes in the economic landscape.


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