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Macroeconomic Policy Uncertainty in an Interdependent World
July 5-6, 2016
Lima, Peru

Policy Coordination in a G20 Framework
July 22, 2016
Chengdu, China


Jan 12, 2016

A limited number of copies of the commemorative book, "Bretton Woods: The Next 70 Years" are still available !

For information about how to obtain a copy of this volume, please contact us at:

Dec 08, 2015

The U.S. risks forfeiting its international relevance while stuck in its domestic political quagmire,” Jin Liqun, the president-designate of China’s bank, wrote in a chapter for a recently released book, “Bretton Woods: The Next 70 Years.” He added, in reference to the United States, “History has never set any precedent that an empire is capable of governing the world forever."

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Oct 28, 2015

Marc Uzan will be speaking at the KaiFeng Institute, Tsinghua University in China. 

Oct 02, 2015

Announcing special panel-A Disruptive Summer 2015: Shock waves in the International Financial System? to be held in Lima on October 5

Sep 25, 2015

The high-level seminar that RBWC is organizing in Lima with the Central Bank of Peru on October 6 will involve a strong line-up of speakers