The Uncertain Future of Global Economic Integration

Reykjavik, Iceland

September 14-15, 2017 



What is the current state and the future of global economic and financial integration? How will this future be affected individual country responses as well as reforms to the international monetary and financial systems?



  • Arnor SIGHVATSSON: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Iceland

  • Boris VUJCIC: Governor, Bank of Croatia

  • Erik BERGLOF: Professor and Director of the Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics

  • Jaime CARUANA: General Manager, Bank for International Settlements

  • Jean Pierre LANDAU: Professor and Former Deputy Governor, Banque de France

  • Jon SIGUREGEIRSSON: Director, Governor’s Office and International Relations, Central Bank of Iceland

  • Mar GUOMUNDSSON: Governor, Central Bank of Iceland

  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

  • Mario I. BLEJER: Visiting Professor at the Institute for Global Affairs at the London School of Economics and Former Governor, Bank of Argentina

  • Rakesh MOHAN: Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University and Former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

  • Sigriour BENEDIKTSDOTTIR: Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University

  • Stefan INGVES: Governor, Sveriges Risksbank

  • Tao ZHANG: Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

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