The Future Regulation of the Financial Market

Prague, Czech Republic

November 15-16, 2004



This Prague conference was organized to address issues crucial to the Czech Republic in the forthcoming years and related to the broader context of financial stability. More specifically we set out to accomplish two goals. First we wanted to facilitate an exchange between representatives of countries that had decided to unify their institutional frameworks for regulation and supervision.  Second we sought to provide members of institutions involved in the implementation of the Basle II a platform for openly discussing and sharing their experiences. The discussions that transpired were placed.



  • Charles GOODHART: Professor, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Con HORAN: Head of Banking Supervision, Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
  • Daniele NOUY: Secretary General, General Secretariat of the Banking Commission, France
  • Ivan SRAMKO: Vice Governor, Member of the Board, National Bank of Slovakia
  • Oldrich DEDEK: Vice Governor, Member of the Board, Czech National Bank
  • Patrick PEARSON: Head of the Banking and Financial, Conglomerates Unit MARKT-F-2, European Commission
  • Paul WRIGHT: Head of Department for Finance Strategy and Risk, International Financial Services Authority, UK
  • Pavel RACOCHA: Member of the Board, Czech National Bank
  • Richard SAMANS: Managing Director, Global Institute for Partnership and Governance, World Economic Forum
  • Rudi BONTE: Member of the Management Committee, Banking Supervision Department, Banking and Finance Commission, Belgium
  • Stephany GRIFFITH-JONES: Institute of Development Studies at the University od Sussex, UK

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