Macroeconomic Policy Uncertainty in an Interdependant World

Arequipa, Peru

July 5-6, 2016 



This seminar focused on Macroeconomic Policy Uncertainty in an Interdependent World.


  • Adrian ARMAS: Chief Economist, Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Alejandro WERNER: Director, Western Hemisphere Department, IMF
  • Andrew POWELL: Principal Advisor, Research Department, IADB
  • Christian KOPF: Partner, Spinnaker Capital
  • Eduardo LEVY YEYATI: Visiting Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Felipe LARRAIN: Professor of Economics, Catholic University of Chile
  • Franco UCCELLI: Executive Director, EM Sovereign Research, J.P. Morgan
  • Hernando VARGAS: Technical Manager, Central Bank of Colombia
  • Hugo Frey JENSEN: Governor, National Bank of Denmark
  • Javier GUZMAN: Deputy Governor, Bank of Mexico
  • Jean Pierre LANDAU: Professor of Economics Sciences Po, Former Deputy Governor, Bank of France
  • Joaquin COTTANI: Managing Director, Chief Latin America Economist, S&P Global Ratings
  • Jose Manuel GONZALEZ PARAMO: Executive Board Member, BBVA
  • Joshua AIZENMAN: Professor of Economics, University of California
  • Julio VELARDE: Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Lin JINHAI: Secretary General, IMF
  • Marc UZAN: Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Massimiliano CASTELLI: Managing Director, UBS Asset Management
  • Pablo GARCIA: Board Member, Central Bank of Chile
  • Pierre JAILLET: Chief Representative for the Americas, Bank of France
  • Pilar L’HOTELLERIE FALLOIS: Associate General Director of International Affairs, Bank of Spain
  • Poonam GUPTA: Senior Economist, Office of the Chief Economist, The World Bank
  • Roberto CHANG: Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
  • Shahin VALLEE: Manager, Soros Fund Management

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