Global markets Disruptions will Global Imbalances Unwind


June 12-14, 2008



For several years prior to this conference the question of what do to about global imbalances occupied center stage in policy debates with an almost even split between the optimists, such as the IMF, who argued that the imbalances would gradually sort themselves out, and the pessimists who offered apocalyptic views of the global outlook if nothing was done to tackle imbalances. The participants at this conference expressed a generalized sense of helplessness when asked to predict the outcome of unwinding global imbalances.  As it turned out worry about global imbalances was superseded by an immediate crisis with the eruption of the US subprime debacle. This refocused policy makers ‘attention on other more pressing problems. Other themes of the confernece focused on the role of the IMF in this new environment



  • Alexander SWOBODA: Professor of economics, Geneva
  • Anthony SANTOMERO: Senior Adviser, Mc Kinsey
  • Arnab DAS: Managing Director, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson
  • Christian POPA: Deputy Governor, National Bank of Romania
  • Christopher AVENARIUS: Director, Credit Suisse
  • Edmond ALPHANDERY: Chairman of the Board, CNP Assurances
  • Franz NAUSCHNIGG: Head, OeNB
  • Harold JAMES: Professor of History and International Affairs, Princeton University Servaas Deroose, Director, European Commission
  • Henk BROUWER: Chairman of the International Relations Committee, Eurosystem
  • Josef CHRISTL: Executive Director, OeNB
  • Kristin FORBES: Professor of Economics, MIT
  • Lars CHRISTENSEN: Head of Emerging Markets Research, Danske Bank
  • Lawrence BRAINARD: Chief Economist, Trusted Sources UK
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Mehmet YORUKOGLU: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Menzie CHINN: Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin
  • Michael DOOLEY: Managing Director, Cabezon Capital
  • Miranda XAFA: Alternate Executive Director, IMF Board
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Managing Director, Ashmore Group
  • Paulo VIEIRA DA CUNHA: Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Richard PORTES: Professor, London Business School
  • Sophia DROSSOS: Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Stijn CLAESSENS: Division Chief, Research Department, IMF
  • Tryggvi HERBERTSSON: President, Askar Capital

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