Fragmentation in the International Financial System: Can the Global Economy Become One again?

Cappadocia, Turkey

July 14-15, 2012



For year the growing amalgamation of the global economy had been a source of great growth and development. Yet it was also revealed to be a source of immense vulnerability, as exposed by the 2008 global financial crisis. At the time of this conference, the eurozone crisis exhibited little signs of easing, causing distortions in the macroeonomic framework of different EU countries.  The recent sequel to the crisis was Spain requesting a bailout, thus adding to the existing fragmentation in the European banking market. During this conference participants vigorously debated nationalism versus regionalism, they discussed the international linkages of the financial system, and addressed global imbalances and the lack of multilateralism at the international level. 



  • Aaron TORNELL: Professor of Economics, UCLA USA
  • Arnab DAS: Managing Director, Market Research & Strategy, Roubini Global economics
  • Daniel MMINELE: Deputy Governor, South African Reserve Bank
  • Donald KOHN: Senior Fellow, Brookings
  • Edmond ALPHANDERY: Chairman Euro50 Group
  • Erdem BASCI: Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Fabio PANETTA: Managing Director for the Eurosystem and Financial Stability, Banca d’Italia
  • Frank WESTERMANN: Professor of Economics, Institute for Empirical Economic Research, University of Osnabrueck
  • Jacob KIRKEGAARD: Senior Research Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Joshua AIZENMAN: Professor of Economics, University of California
  • Kazumasa IWATA: Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Japan
  • Lawrence BRAINARD: Chief Economist, Trusted Sources Research
  • Malcolm D. KNIGHT: Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group
  • Mar GUDMUNDSSON: Governor, Central Bank of Iceland
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Martin BROOKE: Head of Division, Monetary Analysis, International Finance Division, Bank of England
  • Mehmet YORUKOGLU: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Michael CALLAGHAN: Executive Director, Macroeconomic Group-International, Australian Treasury
  • Michael DOOLEY: Professor of Economics, UCSC
  • Moritz SCHULARICK: Professor of Economics and Economic History, Free University of Berlin
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Head of Investment Policy Advisory, FICC Financial Public Sector Institutions, UBS
  • Ronald MACKINNON: Professor, Economics Department, Stanford University
  • Steve KEEN: Professor of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney
  • Turalay KENC: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Wilhelmina C. MANALAC: Managing Director, International Subsector, Central Bank for the Philippines

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