Capital Flows in Crisis

Washington D.C., USA

October 27-28, 1998



The conference focused on analyzing the financial crises affecting Asian countries and comparing them to the crises faced by Mexico and Argentina. The Asian crisis demonstrated how interconnected the global economy has become by taking into account the dynamics of private capital flows.  The participants at the conference tried to seek solutions to prevent such crises from occurring again. But as we know it, history repeats itself.



  • Arturo PORZECANSKI: Americas Chief Economist, ING Barings
  • Ashwin VASAN: Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Oppenheimer Funds, Inc
  • Bill SHAW: Senior Economist, Development Prospects Group, The World Bank
  • David SEKIGUCHI: Latin America Strategist, Fixed Income Research on Emerging Markets, JP Morgan
  • Edward M. GRAHAM: Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics
  • Eli WHITNEY DEBEVOISE II: Parter, Arnold & Porter
  • Gary KLEIMAN: Senior Partner, Kleiman International Consultants, Inc
  • Gerard MACDONELL: Managing Director, The BCA Interest Rate Forecast
  • Homi KHARAS: Director of Economic Policy, Poverty Reduction Economic Management Network, The World Bank
  • Jack BOORMAN: Director, Policy Development and Review Department, IMF
  • James MICHEL: Chairman, Development Assistance Committee, OECD
  • Larry GOODMAN: Managing Director & Chief Economist, Santander Investment
  • Lyn SQUIRE: Director of Development Policy, Development Economics, The World Bank
  • Marcus MILLER: Professor of Economics & Director of Graduate Studies, University of Warwick
  • Mark SIEGEL: Managing Director, MassMutual
  • Masood AHMED: Vice President & Head of Network Poverty Reduction Economic Management Network, The World Bank
  • Michael DOOLEY: Economist, Division of International Finance, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
  • Mustapha NABLI: Senior Economic Adviser, Development Prospects Group, The World Bank
  • Oleg BOGOMOLOV: Director, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, Moscow
  • Paul SACKS: President, Multinational Strategies, Inc
  • Richard SWEENEY: Professor of International Finance, Georgetown University
  • Soedradjad DJIWANDONO: Development Associate, Harvard Institute for International Development, Harvard University
  • Takatoshi KATO: Professor of Economics, Woodrow Wilson School for Public & International Affairs, Princeton University
  • Thomas BREWER: Professor of Economics, Georgetown University
  • Uri DADUSH: Director, Development Prospects Group, The World Bank
  • Vinod AGGARWAL: Professor & Director, BASC, Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley

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