World Blockchain Finance Summit

Beijing, China

July 1, 2018



The blockchain is regarded as the core technology of the next generation after steam engine, power and Internet, and its application has extended from the single financial field to various social and economic fields. What changes can the blockchain bring to us in the future? If we see how much the Internet is currently influencing the world, maybe we can imagine how deeply will the blockchain, as a new generation of internet, influence the world. It can be predicted that the combination of the blockchain technology, big data and artificial intelligence will provide unlimited possibilities of application in the fields of decentralized social network, local communications, food and drug, e-commerce, healthcare, accounting & auditing, academic verification, 2 identity authentication, energy management, and network security.



  • Anwar NASUTION: Former Deputy Governor, Bank Indonesia
  • Chen CHANG: CTO, Ziggurat Internet Technologies Co. Ltd
  • Cheng BIAO: Director, Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group, Innovation Incubation
  • Cheng XIAOYONG: Chairman, True Chain Foundation
  • Di SHUO: CTO, Arxin FinTech
  • Li ZHIJIE: Co-Director, Renmin University of China Blockchain and Financial Technology Big Data Institute
  • Srinivas YANAMANDRA: Chief Compliance, BRICS New Development Bank
  • Duan YONGCHAO: Chief Strategy Officer, SEEC; Director of Strategic Development, Ziff Davis Media Group
  • Fang FENGJIE: Vice-President, Huzhou Bank
  • Feng XINGKE: Secretary General of CBGG
  • Hu TAO: Founder and CEO, Token Insight
  • Ja YIGHAO: Founder and CEO, Hashworld
  • Jolin LI: China Co-lead, ConsenSys
  • Li LIZHONG: Former Assistant of President of Fortune Division, Blockchain Technology Expert, AntFin
  • Li MING: Director, Blockchain Research Office, China Electronics Standardization Institute
  • Liu DACHENG: Vice-President, Internet Industry Research Institute, Tsinghua University
  • Liu QUAN: Dean of the Block Divider Research Institute of CCID, Vice Chairman of China Blockchain Ecology Alliance
  • Liu TIANCHENG: CTO, Easy-Visible
  • Liu XINGLIANG: DCCI Internet Research Institute
  • Luo ZHIYONG: Deputy Director of the White Paper Compiling Committee of the Blockchain Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Manju NISHSHANKA: CEO KRMG Capital
  • Marc UZAN: Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Mo FEI: Executive dean of Beijing Jinke Business Research Institute
  • Pan CHAO: China Research and Community Lead, MakerDao
  • Pang YINMING: President and CEO at Linkeychain Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd
  • Qiao ZHIDONG: Partner, Lianshang Capital
  • Qiu WANGJIE: Chief Scientist of Blockchain, UXSINO
  • Ren CHANGRUI: Chief Scientist and Senior Manager for Cognitive Solutions Research, IBM Research China
  • Samson MOW: Chief Strategy Officer, Blockstream
  • Shao LING: Partner, Easy Visible
  • Shen YUSHI: Secretary General of the China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance
  • Wang ZHONGMIN: Former Vice Chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund, Chairman of the Chinese Committee of the CBGG Academic Committee
  • Wei KAI: Director, Cloud Computing and Big Data Institute of China Information & Communication Technology Institute
  • Wu SJIN: Founder and CEO, Hangzhou Complex Beauty Technologu Co. Ltd
  • Xi HUI: Director, Institute of Financial Informatization, Central Bank of China
  • Xia CHUN: Partner, TEEC Angel Fund
  • Xiao MINGHONG: Founder, SKYV Chaat
  • Xin WEIMING: Xinghanda Technology
  • Xue YOUQIAO: Deputy General Manager of Directors, Capital Investment Management Co. Ltd
  • Yan DONG: Professor of Digital Currency Supervision, Vice President of Law School of Renmin, University of China
  • Yang BAOHUA: Hyperledger TSC, Chief Architect of Oracle Blockchain
  • Yang FAN: Legal Director, China Life Insurance Group
  • Yang GUODONG: Application Director, Blockchain Sinochem Energy Technology Co. Ltd
  • Yang SHENG: Head of Blockchain, Xiamen Anne Corporation Limited
  • Yu JANING: Director, Institute of Industrial Economics, Information Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Yu XUEMAI: Co-Founder, NumChain
  • Yuan YE: Partner, Shuimu Blockchain Fund
  • Zhai CHENXI: Vice President, TF Securities
  • Zhang YIFENG: Dean, Currency Research Institute of China
  • Zheng YANG: Founder CTO, Light Element Technology

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