The Second RBWC Conference on the Governance of the Capital Market: New Challenges Facing the International Financial Architecture

Ottawa, Canada

November 16, 2001



This seminar was held two months after the dramatic events of September 11, 2001. In his keynote speech Paul Martin, Finance Minister of Canada and Chair of the G20, discussed what he believed would be the impact of the recent events in New York on the global economy and also affirmed Canada’s advocacy for an action plan for combating terrorist financing.  Mr. Martin outlined the Canadian Government’s views on changes required to allow the international community to govern itself more effectively, and to make globalization work for all — especially the poorest in the world.



  • Amer BISAT: Principal, Morgan Stanley Asset Management
  • Arminio FRAGA: Governor, Central Bank of Brazil
  • David ROBERTS: Managing Director, Bank of America
  • David SEKIGUCHI: Director of Debt Strategy, Emerging Markets, Deutsche Bank
  • Cho-Hwan CHON: Governor, Central Bank of South Korea
  • Gerd HAUSLER: Director, International Capital Markets, IMF
  • John CHAMBERS: Managing Director, Sovereign Ratings, Standards and Poor’s
  • Lacey GALLAGHER: Director Latin America Research, Credit Suisse First Boston
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Marcus DE PAIVA: Secretary for International Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
  • Paul MARTIN: Finance Minister, Chairman G20
  • Shari SPIEGEL: Director, Lazard Asset Management

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