The Monetary Future of the Americas

Montreal, Canada

April 18-19, 2000



This conference was organized to deepen discussions that were starting to emerge at the global level about the pros and cons of dollarization in Latin America as a result of the progress being made towards the creation of a common currency in Europe.  We discussed dollarization as a way for Latin American economies to resolve the currency mismatch and the original sin. The seminar organized in Canada also provided proposals for options for Canada and Mexico to adopt a common currency.  



  • Adam POSEN: Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics, Washington
  • Alain DUBUC: Chief Editor, La Presse
  • Avinash PERSAUD: Managing Director, State Street, London
  • Bernard LANDRY: Vice Premier and Finance and Economics State Minister of Quebec
  • Charles Philippe DAVID: Tenured, Chaire Teleglobe Raoul Dandurand, UQAM
  • Christopher RAGAN: Professor of Economics, University McGILL and Editor, World Economic Affairs
  • Claude BLANCHET: President, Societe Generale de Financement du Quebec
  • Edmond ALPHANDERY: President, CNP, Former French Minister of Finance, France
  • Guillermo MONDINO: Research Director, IERAL, Fundacion Mediterranea, Buenos Aires
  • Herve CARRE: Director Euro Zone, European Commission, Bruxelles
  • Jean Pierre BEGUELIN: Chief Economist, Pictet Bank and Former Governor of the Swiss Central Bank, Geneve
  • John CROW: Former Governor, Bank of Canada
  • John MCCALLUM: First Vice President and Chief Economist, Banque Royale
  • John MURRAY: Senior Economist, Bank of Canada, Ottawa
  • Koichi HAMADA: Professor of Economics, Yale University, New Heaven
  • Liliana ROJAS SUAREZ: Director Latin American, Deutsche Bank, New York
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Marcel COTE:  Associate Founder, SECOR
  • Masahiro KAWAI: Chief Economist, Asia World Bank, Washington
  • Michael GAVIN: Director, Latin American Research, Warburg Dillon Read, New York
  • Octavio DE BARROS: President, Brazilian Transnational Entreprise Society, Chief Economist, Bilbao Bank, Viscaya
  • Pablo BREARD: Vice President, International Research, Scotiabank Group
  • Panayotis SOLDATOS: Jean Monnet Chair, University of Montreal
  • Pierre FORTIN: Professor, Department of Economic Sciences, UQAM
  • Pierre LEMONDE: Executive Director, CORIM
  • Raymond BACHAND: Chief Executive Officer, Solidarity Fund, FTQ
  • Robert DUGGER: Director, Tudor Investment
  • Rogelio RAMIREZ DE LA O: Director, Ecanal SA, Mexico City
  • Ron MCKINNON: Professor of Economics, Stanford University
  • Thomas COURCHENE: Professor of Economics, Queen’s University, Kingston
  • Walter MOLANO: Director International Economic Research, BCP Securities, New York
  • Willem BUITER: Member of the committee of Monetary Policy, Bank of England
  • William GRUBEN: Director, Center for Latin America Economics, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas
  • Yukio YOSHIMURA: Executive Director for Japan, IMF, Washington

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