The Governance of the Global Capital Market

Montreal, Canada

October 23, 2000



By the year 2000 the international financial community had done much work to mitigate vulnerability in the international financial system. The creation of the G20 as a forum for discussion between policy makers from G7 countries and systemic countries (the term used at that time) was a major innovation. In keeping with that trend, we decided to organize seminars, back to back with the official G20 yearly meetings, that would bring together academics and private sector practitioners to discuss issues related to the chair of the G20. At the time this was the first of our  “G20 conferences”, we did not know that we would continue to accompany the G20 for the next decade and a half thus witnessing on the ground its quick elevation to the level of heads of state.



  • Aleksei KUDRIN: Minister of Finance, Russian Federation
  • Ashok MODY: Economist, The World Bank
  • Barry EICHENGREEN: Professor of Economics, University of Berkeley
  • Carl ROSS: Research Director, Emerging Markets, Bear Stearns
  • Clifford DAMMERS: Secretary General, International Primary Market Association
  • David HALE: Chief Economist, Zurich Kemper Investment, Chicago
  • David SEKIGUCHI: Vice President, JP Morgan
  • Gazi ERCEL: Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • George VOJTA: President, Financial Services Forum
  • Gordon THIESSEN: Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Guillermo ORTIZ: Governor, Bank of Mexico
  • John CREAN: First Vice Governor, Scotiabank
  • John HICKLIN: Special Advisor, IMF
  • John MURRAY: Special Counsellor of the Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Lewis ALEXANDER: Executive Research Director of Emerging Markets, Salomon Smith Barney
  • Luc BERTRAND: Chief President of Direction, Stock exchange of Canada
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Marcos DE PAIVA: Secretary of International Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Chief Economist, Credit Suisse First Boston
  • Pierre LEMONDE: President and Editor, World Economic Affairs, Director General, CORIM
  • Chol Hwan CHON: Governor, Bank of Korea
  • Robert KAHN: Research Director, Emerging European Markets, Salomon Smith Barney
  • Timothy THAHANE: Vice Governor, Central Bank of South Africa
  • Trevor MANUEL: Ministry of Finance, South Africa
  • Vincent TRUGLIA: Executive Director, Moody’s

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