The End of Hyper-Globalization: The New Conditions for Economic and Financial Landscape

Astana, Kazakhstan

May 25-26, 2019



What is the global macro outlook today and how can we raise global growth? How do we address the end of the super cycle of commodity prices and rising instability in the global economy?  Can we reset growth in emerging markets? What are prospect for Eurasia? 


  • Aleksander KWASNIEWSKI: Former President of Poland
  • Alfred GUSENBAUER: Former Chancellor of the Republic of Austria
  • Athanasios ORPHANIDES: Professor of the Practice of Global Economics and Management, MIT
  • Ayhan KOSE: Director, Development Prospects Group, World Bank
  • Bakhyt SULTANOV: Minister of Finance, The Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Bembya KHULKHACHIEV: Director of the Financial Policy, Eurasian Economic Commission
  • Christian NOYER: Former Governor of the Bank of France
  • Daron ACEMOGLU: Professor of Economics, MIT, co-author of “Why Nations Fail: Origins of Power, Poverty and Prosperity
  • Djoomart OTORBAEV: Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan
  • Dmitry PANKIN: Chairman, Eurasian Development Bank
  • Ehud BARAK: Former Prime Minister of Israel
  • Erik BERGLOF: Director of the Institute of Global Affairs at LSE, Former chief Economist and Special Adviser to the President of the EBRD
  • François FILLON: Former Prime Minister of Republic of France
  • Ivan MIKLOS: President of Economic Think Tank M.E.S.A 10
  • Jacob FRENKEL: Chairman, J.P. Morgan Chase International, Former Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Jan VAPAAVUORI: Vice President of the European Investment Bank, Minister of Economic Affairs of Finland
  • Javier GUZMAN: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Mexico
  • Jeffrey SACHS: Director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Juha KAHKONEN: Deputy Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, IMF
  • Kuandyk BISHIMBAYEV: Minister of National Economy, Kazakhstan
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Masood AHMED: Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, IMF
  • Mattia ROMANI: Managing Director, Country and Sector Economics, EBRD
  • Nursultan NAZARBAYEV: President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Peter FRANKOPAN: Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford and Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, Author “The Silk Roads: A New History of the World”
  • Robert VARTEVANIAN: Head of M&A & Financing, KPMG
  • Romano PRODI: Former Prime Minister of Italy, Former President of the European Commission
  • Sergey GLAZYEV: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Tatyana VALOVAYA: Member of the Board on the Main Areas of Integration and Macro Economics, Eurasian Economic Commission
  • Thomas SARGENT: Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, 2011
  • Tigran SARGSYAN: Chairman, Eurasian Economic Commission, Former Prime Minister
  • Wencai ZHANG: Vice President of the Asian Development Bank
  • Zhu SURONG: Managing Director, Silk Road Fund

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