The 2rd Annual “Belt and Road International Think Tank Forum and the 4th Annual BRICS Economic Think Tank Forum

Beijing, China

May 13, 2017 



This meeting provided an opportunity for experts from China and the West to exchange building and share ideas. The focus of conversations was on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, BRICS, globalisation and the world economy.



  • Andre SIMAS MAGALHAES: Counsellor of the Economic Section, Embassy of Brazil in Beijing
  • Bert HOFMAN: Director of the World Bank China, Mongolia and South Korea
  • Chen FENGYING: Researcher, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Member of the National Economic Think Tank
  • Chen ZHONG: Managing Director of Overseas Business Department, China Communications Construction
  • David DAOKUI LI: Director of the Center for China in the World economy: Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, Founder of the BRICS Economic Think Tank
  • David FERNANDEZ: Managing Director, Head of FICC Research, Asia Pacific, Barclays Bank PLC
  • Fang XINGHAI: Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission
  • Feng WEIJIANG: Director, International Political Economy Research Institute, World Economy and Politics Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Feng XINGKE: Research Fellow, Center for China in the World Economy, Tsinghua University; Executive Deputy Secretary-General, BETT
  • Gao PEIYONG: Director of the National Academy of Economic Strategy of CASS
  • Guo JIANWEI: President of the People’s Bank of China, Uruqmi Branch
  • Henry PAULSON: Former US Secretary of the Treasury
  • Hu AN GANG: Head of National Conditions Institute, Tsinghua University
  • Hu BILIANG: Dean of Emerging Markets Institute, Beijing Normal University
  • Jin CANRONG: Vice President of the Institute of International Relations, Renmin University of China, Member of the national Economic Think Tank
  • Jose LUIS ENCISO: Minister of the Office of the Ministry of Economy, Embassy of Mexico in China
  • Kairat KELIMBETOV: Governor of Astana International Financial Center
  • Khairy TOURK: Professor at the Stuart School of Businnes, Illinois Institute of Technoogy, Research Fellow at the School of Economics, University of Chicago
  • Liu YONG: Chief Economist of the State Development Bank; Dean of the National Development Bank Research Institute
  • Luan JIANZHANG: Secretary of the Chinese Council of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Mattia ROMANI: Managing Director of EBRD
  • Mei XINYU: Researcher with the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Mel CARVILL: Board Member of Home Credit
  • Pan QINGZHONG: Executive Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University
  • Qi BIN: Deputy General Manager of China Investment Co. Ltd.
  • Qin HONGTAO: Founder of the Hengchang Company
  • Renato GALVAO FLORES JUNIOR: Doctor in Economics
  • Shaukat AZIZ: Former Finance Minister and Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Shen JIBEN: Vice President of the National Development Bank Research Institute
  • Shuang DING: Managing Director, Chief Economist of Global Research, Standard Chartered Bank Limited
  • Srikanth KONDAPALLI: Professor at the Center for East Asian Studies of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Wang LEI: Executive Director, BRT National Cooperation Center, Beijing Normal University
  • Wang YOUMING: Director of the Academy of Developing Countries, China Institute of International Studies, Member of BETT
  • Xu HONGCAI: Deputy Chief Economist, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange
  • Yaroslav LISSOVOLIK: Chief economist of the Eurasia Development Bank
  • Zhai DONGSHENG: Deputy Head of the Center for Research of Foreign Strategy, Renmin University
  • Zhang SHENGSHENG: General Manager of the Sino-Brazil New Energy International Investment Co., Ltd
  • Zhao JINPING: Minister of Foreign Economic Research, Development Research Center of the State Council
  • Zhao LEI: Professor, Institute of International Strategic Studies, Central Party School
  • Zheng ZHIJIE: President of the State Development Bank
  • Zhou QIANGWU: Director of International Economics and Finance Institute, Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China
  • Zhu GUANGYAO: Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance of China
  • Zhu XIAN: Vice President of the BRICS New Development Bank
  • Zong LIANG: Chief Economist of Bank of China

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