Rethinking Global Finance – The Perspectives of Emerging Economies

London, UK

May 5-6, 2016



This seminar focused on the global financial architecture that has emerged after the global financial crisis. It connected to the agenda of the China G20 Presidency and explicitly focused on the perspective of the emerging economies



  • Andrei KIRILENKO: Imperial College
  • Chris ALLEN: Barclays
  • Christian KOPF: Spinnaker Capital
  • Creon BUTLER: Director, UK Cabinet Office
  • Erik BERGLOF: Director, IGA, London School of Economics and Political Science and CEPR
  • Franklin ALLEN: Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis, Imperial and CEPR
  • Gene FRIEDA: Moore Capital
  • Helene REY: London Business School and CEPR
  • Huang HAIZHOU: Managing Director, CICC
  • Jean Pierre LANDAU: Former Dean, School of Public Affairs, Sciences Po
  • Jeromin ZETTELMEYER: Director General, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Germany and CEPR
  • Ksenia YUDAEVA: First Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Marc UZAN: President, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Mario I. BLEJER: Vice Chairman, Banco Hipotecario
  • Minouche SHAFIK : Deputy Governor, Bank of England
  • Peter SANDS: Visiting Fellow, Harvard University, Former CEO of Standard Chartered
  • Philip TURNER: Bank for International Settlements
  • Prachi MISHRA: Head, Strategic Research Unit, Reserve Bank of India
  • Reza MOGHADAM: Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley
  • Ricardo REIS: LSE, Columbia University and CEPR
  • Richard BALDWIN: Graduate Institute, Geneva and CEPR
  • Richard PORTES: London Business School, European University Institute and CEPR
  • Rob JOHNSON: President, INET

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