Reform of the Global Financial Architecture: Short Term Measures and Long Term Goals

Chengdu, China

July 22, 2016



The seminar explored how flaws in the global financial architecture erode its ability to prevent a weakening of the global economy. Possible measures to mitigate these effects were also discussed.



  • Beat SIEGENTHALER: Macro Advisor, UBS
  • Chalongphob SUSSANGKARN: Former Finance Minister of Thailand
  • Chen HONGYI: Senior Manager, Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research
  • Christian GHYMERS: Vice-President of Robert Triffin International Association
  • David LUBIN: Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets Economics, Citi Research
  • Ge JIAFEI: Research Fellow, SDRF
  • Huang HAIZHOU: Managing Director, CICC
  • Joshua AIZENMAN: Professor of Economics, USC and the NBER
  • Jukka PIHLMAN: Managing Director, Standard Chartered
  • Liu LIGANG: Managing Director and Chief Economist for China at Citi
  • Liu XILIANG: Assistant to the President of SWUFE
  • Ma JUN: Chief Economist, The PBOC Research Bureau
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director of RBWC
  • Masahiro KAWAI: Professor, University of Tokyo
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Head of Research and Development, New Sparta Asset Management
  • Qiao YIDE: Vice Chairman and Secretary General of SDRF
  • Siddarth TIWARI: Director Strategy Policy Review Department, IMF
  • Wang QING: Director, Chinese Finance Research Institute of SWUFE
  • Wang YURONG: Executive Director, International Finance Institute, International Cooperation Center, National Development and Reform Commission
  • Xie HUAIZHU: Division Chief, Research Institute, PBOC
  • Yao YUDONG: Director, RIBF at PBOC
  • Yin QINSHUANG: Vice President of SWUFE
  • Zhang LIQING: Professor, Central Finance University
  • Zhang TAO: Deputy Governor, PBOC

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