New Trends in reserve Management and its Meaning for the International Financial System

Shnghai, China

November 1-2, 2007



At the time of this conference new trends in reserve management had been emerging in response to novel challenges and technologies. This conference focused on these trends and their meaning for the international financial system. When talking about these issues, participants at the conference defined the traditional ways of reserve management and distinguished them from new models. In the past there had been no unified form of managing reserves all over the world, but the general purpose of foreign exchange reserves had always been for international payment and for avoiding financial crisis, with more emphasis on the liquidity. The rapid growth of foreign exchange reserves in China and other Asian countries were analyzed and related to the policy response of these countries in the wake of the Asia financial crisis. 



  • Alexander SWOBODA: Professor of economics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva
  • Alexey V. ULYUKAEV: First Deputy Chairman, Central Bank of Russia
  • Bandid NIJATHAWORN: Deputy Governor, Bank of Thailand
  • Benoit COEURE: Director General, Agence Francaise du Tresor
  • Eloy LINDEIJER: Director, Financial Markets Division, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Fan WENZHONG: Deputy Director General, Research Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  • He FAN: Director Assistant, Institute of World economics & Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Hua MIN: Director, Institute of World Economy, Fudan University
  • Huang GUOBO: Director General of Reserve Management Dept., SAFE
  • Isabelle STRAUSS KAHN: Director, Market Operations, Bank of France
  • Juan Carlos ALFARO: Director of Risks and Operations, FLAR
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Mehmet YORUKOGLU: Vice Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Paulo VIEIRA DA CUNHA: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Peter ZOLLNER: Executive Director, Central Bank of Austria
  • Pierre LASSONDE: Chairman, World Gold Council
  • Robert MUNDELL: Professor of Economics, Columbia University
  • Wei BENHUA: Administrator, SAFE
  • Zhou XIAOCHUAN: Governor of the People’s Bank of China
  • Zhu GUANGYAO: Assistant Minister, Chinese Ministry of Finance

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