July 23, 2021



Since its inception in 2009, this annual conference has established itself as a regular event for discussing pressing policy issues among central banks and leading experts from academia and the private sector. This 2021 edition helped continue and strengthen these discussions.

Indeed, the rapid spread of coronavirus has sent shockwaves though the global economy. There is a major risk that as advanced economies and a few emerging markets recover faster, most developing countries will languish for years to come. This would not only worsen the human tragedy of the pandemic, but also the economic suffering of the most vulnerable. Will policymakers take action to prevent this Great Divergence across countries and accelerated divergence within countries?


Openning Remarks

Julio Velarde, Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Eric Parrado, Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank

Marc Uzan, Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

Diverging Recovery Paths in the Global Economy: The End of the Great Moderation?

Chair: José Darío Uribe, Executive President, FLAR

Ilan Goldfajn, Chairman, Credit Suisse First Brazil

Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics, University of California at berkeley)

Felipe Larraín, Professor of Economics, Universidad Católica de Chile

David Hauner, Managing Director, Bank of America Global Research

Paul Gruenwald, Global Chief Economist, S&P Global Ratings

The Next Global Financial Cycle and Implications for Exchange Rates and Capital Flows

Chair: Manuel Ramos-Francia, Director, CEMLA

Luis Oganes, Managing Director, Head of Currencies, Commodities and Emerging Markets Research, JP Morgan

Elina Ribakova, Deputy Chief Economist, IIF

Moritz Schularick, Professor of Economics, University of Bonn

Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, Deputy Director of the Research Department IMF

Central Banking in a New Era?

Chair: Eric Parrado, Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank

Margarita Delgado, Deputy Governor, Bank of Spain

Julio Velarde, Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Alejandro Diaz De León, Governor, Central Bank of Mexico

Concluding Remarks

Eric Parrado, Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank


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