New Challenges for Global Economics Integration

Cusco, Peru

July 24-25, 2017 



Several prisms can be used to try to understand the new challenges facing global economic integration.  This seminar examined historical facts about the globalisation, productivity and long-term interests, the actual monetary system in our current environment and the new emerging markets. These examinations helped ground a discussion about the future of money and finance and the eventual consequences.



  • Alan TAYLOR: Professor of Economics, University of California, Davis
  • Alejandro WERNER: Director Western Hemisphere Dpt., IMF
  • Andrew POWELL: Economist Principal Advisor, IADB
  • Carlos COSTA: Governor, Bank of Portugal
  • Carlos FERNANDEZ VALDOVINOS: Governor, Central Bank of Paraguay
  • Carlos VEGH: Chief Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Chatib BASRI: Senior Fellow Harvard Kennedy, Former Finance Minister, Indonesia
  • Daniel MMINELE: Deputy Governor, South African Reserve Bank
  • Demian REIDEL: Vice President, Central Bank of Argentina
  • Denny KALYALYA: Governor, Bank of Zambia
  • Diego W. PEREIRA: Chief Economist for Latin America, J.P. Morgan
  • Domingo CAVALLO: Partner, Global Source Partners
  • Eric MONNET: Senior Researcher, Banque de France
  • Felipe LARRAIN: Professor of Economics, Catholic University of Chile
  • Guillermo ORDONEZ: Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania
  • Guillermo ORTIZ : Chairman Latin America, BTG Pactual
  • II Houng LEE: Member of the Board, The Bank of Korea
  • Javier GUZMAN: Deputy Governor, Bank of Mexico
  • Jean François PERRAULT: Global Chief Economist, Scotia Bank
  • Joaquin VIAL: Member of the Board, Central Bank of Chile
  • Jonathan OSTRY: Deputy Director, Research Department, IMF
  • Jorge SICILIA: Chief Economist, BBVA
  • Jose Antonio OCAMPO: Member of the Board, Bank of the Republic, Colombia
  • Jose DARIO URIBE: executive President, FLAR
  • Jose Manuel GONZALEZ PARAMO: Executive Board Member, BBVA
  • Julio VELARDE: Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Kairat KELIMBETOV: Governor, Astana International Financial Centre
  • Lawrence SCHEMBRI: Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Luiz PEREIRA DA SILVA: Deputy General Manager, BIS
  • Marc Olivier STRAUSS KAHN: Director General, Banque de France
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Martin REDRADO: Director General, Fundacion Capital
  • Nouriel ROUBINI: Professor of Economics, NYU School of Business
  • Shahin VALLEE: Director, SFM UK Management LLP
  • Tao ZHANG: Deputy Managing Director, IMF
  • Yide QIAO: Secretary General, Shanghai Development Research Foundation

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