Money, Finance and Capital for the Next Decade

Cusco, Peru

July 23-25, 2018



A synchronized global expansion is leading to a large shift in monetary policy around the world. As a result central banks are shrinking rather than growing, with implications for markets, inflation and the outlook for growth. Despite the broad-based improvement in the global economy, wages and consumer prices remain sluggish, making central banks in advanced economies uncertain about the new monetary cycle. At the same time, technology developments are affecting labor, trade and capital, with major implications for the future of the global financial system.




  • Alejandro IZQUIERDO: Chief Economist, IADB
  • Andres FERNANDEZ MARTIN: Senior Research Economist, IADB
  • Andy POWELL: Principal Advisor of the Research Department, IADB
  • Barry EICHENGREEN: Professor of Economics and Political Science, Berkeley Economics at the University of California
  • Carlo MONTICELLI: Vice Governor, Council of Europe Development Bank
  • Carlos FERNANDEZ VALDOVINOS: Governor, Central Bank of Paraguay
  • Carlos VEGH: Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, The World Bank
  • Catherine MANN: Global Chief Economist, Citi Research
  • Eduardo SUAREZ: Vice-President for Latin American Economics, Scotiabank
  • Henning VÖPEL: Director, Hamburg Institute for International Economics
  • Jacob FRENKEL: Chairman, JP Morgan Chase International
  • Jonathan OSTRY: Deputy Director, IMF Research Department
  • Jose Dario URIBE: President, FLAR
  • Jose Manuel GONZALEZ PARAMO: Executive Board Member, BBVA
  • Joshua AIZENMAN: Chair, Professor of Economics, UC California
  • Julio VELARDE: Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Keyu JIN: Professor of Economics, London School of Economics
  • Luis OGANES: Managing Director and Global Head of Emerging Markets Research, JP Morgan
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Marek MORA: Member of the Board, Czech National Bank
  • Nouriel ROUBINI: CEO and Chairman, Roubini Macro Associates and Professor of Economics at NYU Stern School of Business
  • Ousmène Jacques MANDENG: Senior Fellow, London School of Economics
  • Pascal SAINT AMANS: Director of Fiscal Affairs, OECD
  • Pilar L’HOTELLERIE FALLOIS: Associate General Director of International Affairs, Bank of Spain
  • Refet GURKAYNAK: Professor of Economics, Bilkent University
  • Sebnem KALEMLI OZCAN: Neil Moskowitz Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
  • Tony VOLPON: Managing Director, Chief Brazil Economist, Latin America UBS
  • Wilhelmina MANALAC: Assistant Governor, Central Bank of Philippines

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