A New Global Liquidity Crunch?

Washington DC, USA

October 17, 2019 



Two roundtable discussions, organized in cooperation with the Robert Triffin International Foundation, the RTI Report, “Managing Global Liquidity as a Global Public Good”, has been officially presented.

Included participation of the report’s authors, Bernard Snoy, André Icard, and Philip Turner.




  • Alfonso IOZZO: Vice Chairman, RTI – Former Managing Director, San Paolo IMI
  • André ICARD: Former Deputy General Manager, BIS
  • Bernard SNOY : Chairman, RTI
  • Hung TRAN: Non-resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council – Former Executive Managing Director, Institute of International Finance
  • Jack BOORMAN: Senior Fellow, Emerging Markets Fellow, former Director of Policy Development and Review Department, IMF
  • Jolanta WYSOCKA: CEO, Mountain Pacific Asset Management
  • Joseph GAGNON: SeniorFellow, Peterson Institute of International Economics
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Philip TURNER: Former Deputy Head of the Monetary and Economic Department, BIS
  • Rolf STRAUCH: Chief Economist, ESM
  • Yide QIAO: Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Shanghai Development Research Foundation

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