Global Imbalances and Capital Flows

in the Era of New Technologies

Madrid, Spain

September 10-11, 2019



This conference examined the impact of new technologies on global imbalances and capital flows. It was held at Banco de España’s Headquarters in Madrid with the participation of high-level speakers, including governors, deputy governors and senior officials from various international organisations, as well as top economists from academia and various think-tanks.



  • Alberto GRANA: Governor, Central Bank of Uruguay
  • Alejandro DIAZ DE LEON: Governor, Banco de Mexico
  • Alicia GARCIA HERRERO: Chief Economist for Asia Pacific, Natixis
  • Andrea SIVIERO: Director International Monetary Cooperation, Swiss National Bank
  • Andrés VELASCO: Dean of the LSE School of Public Policy and Member of the EPG Group
  • Brad SETSER: Senior Fellow for International Economics, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Cecilia SKINGSLEY: Deputy Governor, Sveriges Riksbank
  • Ceyla PAZARSBASIOGLU: Vice President for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, World Bank
  • Dan MORGAN: Head of Regulatory Relations for Europe, Ripple
  • Elena FLORES: Director International Economic and Financial Relations; Global Governance, European Commission
  • Hyun SONG SHIN: Economic Adviser and Head of Research, Bank for International Settlements
  • Jacob A. FRENKEL: Chairman, JP Morgan Chase International
  • James DANIEL: Assistant Director and Mission Chief for China, IMF
  • Javier PEREZ: Director, International Economics and Euro Area Department, Banco de Espana
  • Jean Pierre LANDAU: Former Deputy Governor of Bank of France; Head of French Government Special Mission on Cryptocurrencies
  • Jose Manuel GONZALEZ PARAMO: Head of Global Economics & Public Affairs, BBVA
  • Jose VINALS: Group Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Juan Luis VEGA: Senior Adviser, International Economics and Euro Area Department, Bank of Spain
  • Julio VELARDE: Governor, Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Kristin J. FORBES: Professor of Management and Global economics, MIT’s Sloan School of Management
  • Liliana ROJAS SUAREZ: Senior Fellow and Director of the Latin America Initiative, Center for Global Development
  • Luiz DE MELLO: Director of the Policy Studies Branch at the Economics Department, OECD
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Margarita DELGADO: Deputy Governor, Bank of Spain
  • Natacha VALLA: Deputy DG Monetary Policy, ECB
  • Oscar ARCE: DG Economics & Statistics, Bank of Spain
  • Otavio RIBEIRO DAMASO: Deputy Governor for Regulation, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Senior Advisor, Accenture
  • Pablo HERNANDEZ DE COS: Governor, Bank of Spain
  • Tobias ADRIAN: Financial Counselor, IMF
  • Veerathai SANTIPRABHOB: Governor, Bank of Thailand
  • Viral ACHARYA: Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India
  • Yi GANG: Governor, People’s Bank of China
  • Zheng LIU: Senior Research Advisor and Director of the Center for Pacific Basin Studies, Federal Reserve of San Francisco

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