G20 and the Stability of the International Financial System

Beijing, China

March 22, 2016



This seminar focused on recent factors leading to a weak recovery of the global economy (exit from extraordinarily accommodative monetary conditions in the United States, the generalized slowdown in emerging market economies, the decline of the commodity prices, the threats of deflation and subdued demand caused by the rebalancing in China) and explored the resulting increase of global finacial risks.



  • Anwar NASUTION: Professor of Economics, University of Indonesia, Former Vice Governor of Bank of Indonesia
  • Benhua WEI: Former Deputy Governor of China State Administration of Foreign Exchange and Former Director of AMRO
  • Geng XIAO: Professor of Practice in Finance and Public Policy, School of Business and Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
  • Guangqian WANG: President, Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Guangyao ZHU: Vice Minister, China Ministry of Finance
  • Haihong GAO: Senior Fellow and Director, Research Center of International Finance Studies, IWEP, China Academy of Social Science
  • Haizhou HUANG: Managing Director, China International Capital Corporation
  • Jianjun LI: Deputy Dean, School of Finance, CUFE
  • Kunyu TAO: Researcher, Center for International Finance Studies, CUFE
  • Lee II Houng: President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
  • Liqing ZHANG: Director, Collaborative Innovation Center for Global Finance Governance and Center for International Finance Studies, CUFE
  • Lujun SUN: Former Director of capital Account Department, SAFE
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Masahiro KAWAI: Professor of economics, Tokyo University, Former Dean of Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Olin WETHINGTON: Former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
  • Qiangwu ZHOU: Director, China MOF Think Tank on International Economics
  • Stephen ROACH: Professor of Economics, Yale University, Former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and Chief Economist at Morgan Stanley
  • Xiaofen TAN: Deputy Director, Collaborative Innovation Center for Global Finance Governance, CUFE
  • Xingdong CHEN: Chief Economist, BNP Paribas Asia
  • Yafei HE: Former Deputy Governor, Overseas Chinese Affair Office of the State Council of China
  • Yanqing YANG: Director of CBN Research Institute
  • Yide QIAO: Vice President, Shanghai Development Research Foundation
  • Yudong YAO: director, Research Institute, People’s Bank of China

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