Dealing with Multiple Spillovers: New Frontiers of Policy Coordination

Washington D.C., USA

October 11, 2013



This conference aimed to bring to the forefront the different dimensions of economic policy spillovers and explore the new frontiers of policy coordination. It was organized as a sequel to the conference that we organized the prior October in Tokyo with the Asian Development Bank Institute during the IMF Annual Meetings. At that time we confronted concerns like retrenchment of multilateralism and the international dimension of the Eurozone crisis. This year in Washington DC we decided to reflect upon multiple spillovers in the global economy. Bearing that the emphasis had shifted away from the Eurozone towards the United States the participants argued about the possible consequences of adverse US domestic policies and it was widely noted that emerging markets were once again perceived as possible victims of adverse policy spillovers.



  • Adair TURNER: Senior Fellow, Institute for New Economic Thinking
  • Beat SIEGENTHALER: Foreign Exchange Strategist, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Chang Hyun YUN: President, Korea Institute of Finance
  • Erdem BASCI: Governor, Central Bank of Turkey
  • Ewald NOWOTNY: Governor, National Bank of Austria
  • Felipe LARRAIN: Minister of Finance, Chile
  • Franco PASSACANTANDO: Managing Director, Central Bank of Italy
  • Guillermo ORTIZ: Chairman, Banco Mercantil del Norte
  • II Houng LEE: G20 Sherpa, Republic of Korea
  • Jae KU: Director, US-Korea Institute at SAIS
  • John LIPSKY: Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins SAIS
  • John TAYLOR: Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)
  • Ksenia YUDAEVA: First Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Russia
  • Luiz PEREIRA DA SILVA: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Martin PARKINSON: Secretary of Treasury, Australia
  • Massimiliano CASTELLI: Executive Director, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Nouriel ROUBINI: Professor of Economics, New York University
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Managing Director, Global Institutional Relations Group, Prudential Investment Management
  • Perry WARJIYO: Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Indonesia
  • Peter PRAET: Member of the Board, European Central Bank
  • Philipp HILDEBRAND: Vice Chairman, BlackRock
  • Rakesh MOHAN: Executive Director for India, IMF
  • Rashad CASSIM: Head Research Department, Reserve Bank of South Africa

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