China’s Entry Into the Global Financial System

Shanghai, China

October 29-30, 2015



A discussion of potential new engines for the next round of economic growth centered on the status of China’s long-term economic reform and short-term growth.



  • Anoop SINGH: JP Morgan Chase, Asia
  • Bekcy LIU: Standard Chartered Bank
  • Cai JIANBO: Chairman Union Pay
  • Dong HE: Deputy Director, IMF
  • Indrajit COOMARASWAMY: Governor, Central bank of Sri Lanka
  • Erik BERGLOF: Professor, London School of Economics
  • Evegny GAVRILENKOV: Managing Director and Chief Economist Sberbank Russia
  • George MAGNUS: Economic Adviser, UBS
  • Herve HANNUN: Deputy General Manager, BIS
  • Hu HUAIBANG: Chairman China Development Bank
  • Jin QI: Chairma, Silk Road Fund
  • Lawrence LAU: Professor of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Liu LIANGE: Vice Chairman Export Import Bank
  • Lorenzo BINI SMAGHI: Chairman, Societe Generale
  • M YOSHINO: President, Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Ma ZHUN: Chief Economist Research Burea, PBOC
    Yu BIN: Director General of General Office
  • Maksat: Chairman Economic Research Institute Kazakhstan
  • Marc UZAN: Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Michael BUCHANAN: Temasek
  • Michael SPENCE: Nobel Prize, China Presidency of the G20, Reconciling Growth and Stability in the Global Economy
  • Min ZHU: Deputy Managing Director, IMF
  • Oleg PRESKIN: B Sherpa, Russian Federation
  • Pan GONSHENG: Deputy Governor, PBOC
  • Sayuri SHIRAI: Member of the Board, Bank of Japan
  • SUH: Deputy Governor, Bank of Korea
  • Yang YANQING: Deputy Editor “First Financial Daily”
  • Zhang XIAQIANG: Permanent Vice Chairman CCIEE
  • Zhou QIREN: Professor of Economics, National School of Development

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