China in the International Monetary System

Hangzhou, China

May 17-18, 2014



The China conference is part of our initiative for celebrating the 70 anniversary of the Bretton Woods conference and provides a forward looking agenda about the major changes that will affect the international monetary system. The world today stands in stark contrast with both the Bretton Woods era and the period that followed immediately. The first – and most obvious – difference is the number of countries that are active participants in the system and have a stake in its functioning. The monetary and financial world is becoming increasingly “multipolar”. While the current system comprises three currency blocks, at least one (the Chinese RMB) and maybe other additional systemic currencies will emerge in the future. This is one of the key issues that was debated in Hangzhou on May 17-18 2014. Chinese academics, policy makers but also global experts gathered to understand better a major game changer that will affect the global financial system and the future of the Bretton Woods institutions.



  • Alfonso IOZZO: Vice President, Triffin Foundation
  • Alfred SCHIPKE: Senior Resident Representative, IMF Resident
  • Andrew TWEEDIE: Director, Finance Department, IMF
  • Ben SHENGLIN: Professor, Zheijiang University
  • Benn STEIL : Senior Fellow Council on Foreign Relations, Author of « The Battle of Bretton Wods »
  • Catherine SCHENK : Professor of Economic History, Glasgow University
  • Chalongphob SUSSANGKARN: Senior Fellow TDRI, Former Finance Minister of Thailand
  • Charles COLLYNS : Chief Economist, IIF
  • Domenico LOMBARDI: Director, Global Economic Program
  • E ZHIHUAN: Deputy Manager, Bank of China
  • Edward LIU : SIFL Institute
  • Gao HAIHONG : Dean of IWEP, CASS
  • Guan TAO: Director-General, State Administration of Foreign Exchange
  • Guo Jianwei: Deputy Director General, Monetary Policy Department II, PBoC
  • Hans GENBERG : Adviser on Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Management, SEACEN Centre, Bank Nagara Malaysia
  • Jin ZHONGXIA : Director General, Finance Research Institute, PBOC
  • Joseph YAM: Executive Vice Chairman, China Society for Finance & Banking
  • Joshua AIZENMAN: Professor of Economics, University of California
  • Klaus REGLING : Managing Director, European Stability Mechanism
  • Li RUOGU : President, The Export-Import Bank of China
  • Li YANG : Vice President, CASS
  • Liu JUN: Vice President, China Everbright Bank
  • Lu LEI : President, Guangdong University of Finance
  • Marc UZAN : Executive Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Massimiliano CASTELLI: Managing Director, UBS
  • Michel CAMDESSUS : Former Managing Director IMF
  • Olivier GARNIER : Global Chief Economist, Societe Generale
  • Ousmene MANDENG: Managing Director, Pramerica
  • Pablo MORENO: International Department, Bank of Spain
  • Pan GONGSHENG : Deputy Governor, PBoC, Vice Chairman, China Society. For Finance and Banking
  • Pan YINGLI: Full Professor, Department of Finance, Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Richard COOPER: Professor of Economics, Harvard University
  • Robert MCCAULEY: Senior Advisor, Monetary and Economic Department, BIS
  • Robert SKIDELSKY : Member of UK Parliament and Author of the Biography of J.M. Keynes
  • Wang QIAN : Dean, Department of Finance, Jilin University
  • Wang WEN : Executive Dean of Chongyang institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China
  • Wang XIN: President, NanChang Branch, PBoC
  • Warren COATS: IMF retired
  • Wei BENHUA: Liu Hongru Foundation
  • Wu XIAOLING : Chairwoman, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University, Vice Chairwoman of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress
  • Xiang SONGZUO: Chief Economist, ABC
  • Yoichi NEMOTO: Managing Director, AMRO Office, Singapore
  • Zhang JI: Assistant Professor, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University
  • Zhang JIANHUA : President, PBoC Hangzhou Branch
  • Zhang LIQING: Dean, Central University of Finance
  • Zhang TAO : IMF, Executive Director of China
  • Zheng XINLI: Permanent Vice Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges
  • Zhu CONGJIU: Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Zheijiang Province
  • Zhu GUANGYAO : Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China

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