Emerging Markets, Financial Crises and Capital Flows

Conference Date Location
Rethinking Global Finance - The Perspective of Emerging Economies May 5-6, 2016 London, England
What is the Paradigm of the Global Economy Today? April 15, 2016 Washington D.C., USA
Strong Global Growth: Policies, Drivers and Institutions February 28, 2016 Shanghai, China
Taking Stock of the Global Financial Architecture February 26, 2016 Shanghai, China
Rethinking Global Finance Initiative: Strengthening the Research and Policy Voice of Emerging Economies February 25, 2016 Shanghai, China
BRICS cooperation under G20 framework December 12, 2015 Beijing, China
Monetary and Financial Shifts: Challenges and Possible Outcomes October 6, 2015 Lima, Peru
A Disruptive Summer: Shock Waves in the International Financial System? October 5, 2015 Lima, Peru
Bretton Woods: The Next 70 Years September 4, 2015 Ankara, Turkey
Economic, Financial and Monetary Shifts in the Global Economy May 21, 2015 Astana, Kazakhstan
Spillovers from Lower Oil Prices to Asia May 3, 2015 Baku, Azerbaijan
Groundbreaking Shifts in the International Financial System April 17, 2015 Washington D.C., USA
Causes and Effects of Oil Price Movements and Policy Implications February 7, 2015 Istanbul, Turkey
BRICS I-Economic Think Tank Forum November 6, 2014 Beijing, China
China's Economic Prospects in New Normal October 30-31, 2014 Shanghai, China
Secular Stagnation, Fragmentation of Interdependence or Emergence of a Multipolar World? October 10, 2014 Washington DC, USA
Bretton Woods@70: Managing the Interconnectedness of the World Economy July 21-22, 2014 Cusco, Peru
An Anticrisis Plan for the 21st Century: Preventing the Frequency and Severity of Financial Crises May 21-22, 2014 Astana, Kazakhstan
The Return of Global Growth: New Economic and Institutional Drivers May 2, 2014 Astana, Kazakhstan
Reigniting the Strength of Opening Up November 1, 2013 Shanghai, China