What does RBWC imply in its use of the term "reinvent"?
RBWC’s position has never been that the world needs to go back to a fixed exchange rate regime, or to a gold standard. Our name was chosen to invoke the spirit of Bretton Woods and of international cooperation and to remind us that we need to make sure that we do not return to the monetary and financial instability that characterized the interwar years. Our use of the term reinvent is meant to imply that we need to make major changes moving forward. Our central goal is the creation of a sound international monetary system for one global economy.

What is RBWC’s relationship to the G20?
Since the establishment of the G20 at the finance ministers’ level in 1999, RBWC has organized unofficial seminars back to back with the G20 deputies meeting. These events, which have often been organized with the support of G20 chairs (central bank, ministry of finance), have served to help these chairs set agenda priorities.

How is RBWC’s work funded?
RBWC seeks support for its work from the public and private sector in the form of general contributions to the organization, ad hoc sponsorship of specific events and donations to specific charitable initiatives.

Are financial contributions to RBWC tax deductible?
RBWC is a US-based "501c3" organisation. All financial contributions to RBWC are tax deductible as permitted by US law.

How can I attend an RBWC event?
If you wish to attend one of our events please feel free to contact us. We work hard to continually expand our outreach. However, we also purposely keep our events small and intimate to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas.

Are RBWC events open to the press?
Generally, RBWC events are closed to the press although some exceptions have been made in the past and most notably every year we plan a public event during the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. Members of the press should not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Is RBWC backed by any institutions or governments?
RBWC is, and has always been, an independent organization since its creation in 1994. Although RBWC receives support from multiple private, public and governmental sources, its views and actions are independent from those of any of its funders or affiliates.